\'dred-not, -nawt\ 1. a loud, large-bodied acoustic guitar  2. one that is among the most powerful of its kind

Be forewarned, the Dreadnutts have guitars and they are not afraid to use them. They also have solid three-part harmonies; fiddle, bass and mandolin; and a repertoire that runs the gamut from John Fogerty to the Everly Brothers. Winners of the Telluride Bluegrass Band contest in 1991 and reunited for the first time in almost two decades, the Dreadnutts are once again riding the wide open acoustic spaces of the desert Southwest. 

The five members of the group are no strangers to the western musical landscape. Bob Meighan, Peter McLaughlin, Earl Edmonson, Kirby Mittelmeier, and Brian Davies have all performed with various rock, bluegrass, and country bands over the years. And they've won guitar-slinging awards: Earl is a Telluride fingerpicking champion, and Peter has won numerous flatpicking contests, including the 1988 National Flatpicking Competition held in Winfield, Kansas. 

Now they are simply looking to play the music they love, the music that brought them together and helped shape their lives. Just don't expect the Dreadnutts to check their Martins at the door....

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